Kanwaljeet Singh

Front-end Developer


Developer building for web and mobile in Berlin. I'm enthusiastic about learning new web technologies and using them to build rich user experiences.

Over the years I have developed skills in:

  • JavaScript | TypeScript: Vanilla and frameworks, especially React (Native), Redux, MobX, Backbone
  • CSS: CSS in JS, PostCss, pre-processors
  • Some server side (non Production): Node.js, PHP


Senior Engineer@8fit

December 2017 - January 2020, Berlin, Germany

8fit is a health and fitness app based in Berlin.

In addition to day-to-day development work, my role involved:

  • Technical ownership of features and assisting in development sprint planning.
  • Guiding technical decisions for the front-end stack.
  • Assisting with hiring / mentoring of new developers.
  • Improving infrastructure and tooling.


  • App built with React Native + TypeScript.
  • Web portal built with Gatsby + GraphQL, CMS on Contentful.
  • Jest for unit tests, Detox for mobile e2e, Puppeteer for web e2e.

Front-end Developer (Co-Founder / CDO)@OurHome

July 2013 - Present, Melbourne, Australia

OurHome is an app to help families organise their households.

  • Cordova app built on Backbone, deployed on iOS, Android, and as a web-app. (Slowly transitioning to Capacitor, React and TypeScript).
  • Mobile-first design, dealing with deployment fragmentation and making engineering / design decisions to address device and webview implementation quirks.
  • Working in a small team of developers allowed insight into the implementation of the Python (Django) API, and a strong voice in design decisions.

Senior Front-end Developer, Freelance@CHE Proximity

November 2016 - February 2017, Melbourne, Australia

Worked in a team developing the new Mazda Digital Platform, which allowed dealers to assemble their own promotional campaigns, and customers to build and preview customised vehicles.

  • Built with React / Redux with SSR via EpiServer.
  • My contributions include introducing shared state management patterns (Redux + Sagas) that worked with the SSR system's multiple app mount points.

Front-end Developer, Freelance@Various

March 2013 - November 2016, Melbourne, Australia

  • Close collaboration with a diverse range of teams of different sizes, structures and processes.
  • Brought projects from conception to completion, sometimes on small timelines.
  • Worked on a variety of existing tech stacks with a broad mix of technologies, including: React, PHP, Pug, NodeJS, Backbone, JQuery, Sass, Less, PostCss, Gulp, Webpack.
  • Some projects had particular niche deployment requirements, including running on legacy Learning Management Systems, iPad kiosk apps with local servers, and simple 3d experiences on mobile devices.

Designer / Front-end Developer@Someones Media Group

March - December 2012, Melbourne, Australia

UI prototyping and front end build for a startup stage web application.

  • Involved with re-designing the application's user flows from the ground up.
  • Created mockups and functional prototypes for testing and review.

Digital Designer / Animator / Front-end Developer@Sense Advertising

August 2009 - March 2012, Melbourne, Australia

Created a broad range of online digital content to augment advertising campaigns, including CMS (WordPress) powered sites, interactive experiences with Flash (later JS), and email campaigns.


BA (Animation and Interactive Media)@RMIT University

graduated, 2006 - 2008, Melbourne, Australia

Graduated with distinction. Final project was awarded Best Interactive for the graduating year.

BEng. (Software) / BComm.@University of Melbourne

attended, 2000 - 2002, Melbourne, Australia

Completed modules in functional programming, object oriented programming and basic marketing.